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A unique restaurant – Locanda dell Isola Comacina

Opposite Sala Comacina and Ossucio lies Isola Comacina, the only island in Lake Como. It is home to almost nothing except one restaurant -the ‘Locanda dell Isola Comacina’. According to…

Lake Como towns and villages

The map shows only the most popular places for tourists – mostly located in the central area and on the western side of the western branch. They are all small townships…


Ossuccio is just south of [post=35] and diagonally opposite [post=73]. The lakefront at Ossuccio is distinguished by two unusual bell towers – the Moorish tower of the church of S….

Pilgrims’ Progress

We’ve spent a lot of the time at Lake Como walking. It’s ironic that when you use public transport, you seem to end up walking a lot. But over and…