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Map of Lake Como

About Lake Como

Lake Como is not round. It’s a 50 kilometre long, thin ‘ribbon’, forming an upside down y shape, surrounded along its entire length by huge mountain ranges. For tourists, the lake can best be described in three or four different parts.

Lake Como

Wordsworth’s ‘fair dark eyed maids’ at Lake Como

Lake Como has been visited by some of the most illustrious figures in the history of literature and was an obvious attraction for the English ‘lake poet’ William Wordsworth. But was its appeal only the beauty of nature or also the charms of its female residents?


A slice or two of Lake Como

Lake Como, 28 miles long and never more than 2 miles wide, is shaped like an upside down y, dividing into an eastern and western branch about half way down….

Argegno view

Lake Como – A cure for ill humour

Lake Como has a particular effect on visitors, best summed up in words like relaxing, calming, re-invigorating and even inspiring. You could describe the process as stress busting, wellness creation, holistic therapy or just plain getting your head straight.


The slideshow illustrates what makes Lake Como unique – the perfect harmony of the lake with its surrounding mountain peaks, green foothills, picturesque small ‘towns’, grand hotels and luxurious villas….

Not only for water sports

The northern end of the Lake is an international centre for water sports, including sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing. But there are a number of other, more relaxing…

We went to Lake Como, not to ‘the Italian Lakes’.

The first thing to say about the Italian Lakes is that they cover a large area, both vertically and horizontally. British readers who haven’t been there may conjure up images…

Lake Como? It could be nice.

When my wife suggested going on holiday to Lake Como, my initial reaction was rather less than enthusiastic. I knew nothing about the place, but it didn’t sound very interesting….