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Lake Como – A cure for ill humour

Lake Como has a particular effect on visitors, best summed up in words like relaxing, calming, re-invigorating and even inspiring. You could describe the process as stress busting, wellness creation, holistic therapy or just plain getting your head straight.

Lake Como

Top ten Lake Como adventure sports and activities

Lake Como can provide a range of adventure sports and outdoor activities – on the water, on land and in the air. And you don’t have to be an expert,…

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Top ten Lake Como sightseeing attractions

At Lake Como, conventional holiday categories are blurred. For example, picturesque old towns that provide accommodation at night are also sightseeing attractions during the day. And transportation around the Lake…

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Lake Como holiday – 50 things to do

Explore the historic buildings in Como’s compact old town Visit the Temple of Volta and see the first Voltaic Pile (battery) Enjoy nature’s slideshow from the deck of a ferry…