How to create your personalised Lake Como calendar


Below are instructions to help you with creating your calendar if you need help that is.


Once you select Lake Como calendar link this is the first screen you’ll see. If you haven’t used this system before you should click on ‘NEW USERS’.


Now you have to select a username, password and email address. Don’t worry that by giving the address you’ll be inundated with junk mail. We never hear from them – apart from a Christmas card. The main reason for user name, password and email address is that you create a storage place for your calendar so if you do not finish it you can always come back and get to it.

After entering the details, the screen tells you to then click the ‘Log on’ button, which is in fact the one marked ‘Register’. It might sound picky to point this out but you try getting married at the Log On Office.


The next step is to choose the month you want the calendar to start with. For example, if you are doing this in July, you could choose July, August or any month up to December as your first month.


To select a photograph for each month: click on the month, then select one of the four categories – Bella Vista, Grand Designs, Misterious or Picturesque – and then one of the thumbnail images in the category displayed.

The photograph will appear above the dates for the month and if you click on ‘see full size image’ you can see the image full screen size because that’s what ‘see full size image’ means.

There is an alternative option, which is to allow the software to do the work of choosing a random selection of images. Just select blue RANDOM IMAGES button.


That’s May done.


This is what the screen looks like when the photographs for all twelve months are entered. You can still change any of the images by going through the process again – selecting the month, category and image.
When you’re happy with all of the images, click on the green box to move on to the next stage. You might also want to prepare a mid-calendar snack at this point.


Entering this information is not difficult. The only tricky bit might be asking family and friends when their birthdays are – again.


The instruction in the green box – ‘Happy with key dates? Click here’ – refers to the information entered on the calendar.

Wishing your birthday was in August rather than November is not a valid reason for not clicking the green box.


A chance to review the whole package. Hopefully it doesn’t take so long that you have to start all over again with a new first month.


Contrary to appearances a full delivery address is required, not just first name and county – deliveries to ‘Harold’ in ‘Yorkshire’ very rarely get there.


Is that all we’re selling this Calendar for? And for delivery anywhere in the world? It’s no wonder we never go out anywhere!