Colico is a commune high on the Eastern side of the lake, surrounded by mountains. It’s the northern terminus of the C10 bus from Como, which sets you down next to the railway station. This part of town is not pretty but a short walk takes you to a large and attractive lakeside piazza, equally as charming as the similar space in Cernobbio and with more spectacular views.

Like many of the towns at the northern end of the lake, Colico is a centre for windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing, with schools for beginners. For après surf relaxation, there are a number of bars and restaurants, and a night club – the Moulin Rouge.

Places of interest include the nearby Abbey of Piona and the Montecchio Fortress (the remains of a World War 1 fort, including the four largest cannon in Italy).

For self-caterers, there is at least one other place of interest – the supermarket. That may not sound very exciting, but if you’re self catering at the lake you’ll soon discover how significant a supermarket is.

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