Why we don’t say much about driving around Lake Como

Our section on transportation could have been headed ‘public transport’ because, apart from this article, we don’t say anything about driving around the area. And there’s a good reason for that.

Driving around Lake Como is not for the fainthearted:

  • The roads are often narrow, which can cause delays while two large vehicles find a way of passing each other.
  • The roads often twist and turn along roads cut high into the sides of steep hills, with sheer drops on one side.
  • Overtaking is often carried out on the ‘my life, your responsibility’ basis, in which the driver who is coming towards you on your side of the road assumes that you will slow down in time to avoid a crash.

There’s no doubt a car can be convenient if you’re planning to explore a lot of the Lake, or if you have to walk or climb to reach where you’re staying. And a car can make it easier to get to the Lake from the airport.

But if you find driving at all stressful where you live, you might be better off using public transport in the form of buses, ferries and (on the east side of the Lake) trains.