Campsites and caravan parks

The word ‘campsite’ means both a space with electrical hook ups and/or fully serviced pitches and a range of shared facilities ranging from a toilet and shower block to a restaurant, bar or swimming pool. Prices for pitches in high season are in the range of €10 – €15 per day, plus €5 – €10 per day per adult, and smaller amounts for kids. Some sites have additional leisure or sports facilities on site, charged separately as and when used.

Quite a few sites are in relatively remote spots and must cater mainly for serious mountain walkers. Of the rest, a high proportion are found in the Alto Lario (northern end), which is also the area of the lake most noted for water sports. Locations with a few campsites include the water sports centres of Dongo and Colico, but the town with the biggest concentration of campsites is Domaso, which is both the windsurfing ‘capital’ of Lake Como and a town with some of the liveliest bars around the Lake. This combination of expertise in water sports, number of campsites and contemporary night life is the direct result of the weather in the Alto Lario – in particular a wind called La Breva, which blows in the afternoon for sailors, windsurfers and kite surfers and dies down at other times, giving kayaks and water skiers their chance to get on to the water.

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