Argegno is our favourite place for Lake Como Holidays for three reasons:

First, this typically small Lake Como village is a modest and unpretentious place – somewhere to come back to for a peaceful and quiet evening after a day of sightseeing or other activity around the Lake.

Second, the western branch of the Lake is quite narrow at Argegno. This provides visitors with dramatic views both up and down the Lake, and across the water to the eastern edge of the branch, where the slopes rise out of the water at angles of seventy degrees or more, like the sides of a green fjord.

Third, Argegno is situated about halfway down the western branch of the Lake, connected by road and ferry to Como at the foot of the branch and Menaggio in the mid-lake area.

The waterfront at Argegno combines a boat dock, small shingle beach, ferry point, waterside promenade, bank, and bar and restaurant. It also hosts a Monday morning market. Behind the waterfront lies a small piazza lined with bars and restaurants. This part of the village also contains a fruit and veg. store, minimarket, gelateria and bakery. But if you’re self catering, you’ll probably need to make the trip to a supermarket at nearby Lenno for some items.

The residential area of Argegno is built on the side of a hill, negotiated on foot through narrow cobbled alleyways. A road also winds up through the village, then continues on to Lanzo, entry point to the Val D’Intelvi for walkers. An alternative way of getting to the top of the mountain behind Argegno is to take the cable car from just outside of town to Pigra, but this is not for the faint hearted as it hauls passengers almost vertically up 800 metres.

By taking the road to Como and then turning off just south of town, you come to the suburb of Santa Anna, which has a charming small church with seventeenth and eighteenth century decoration. There are also a couple of hotels with restaurants nearby, at one of which we ate local dishes including black pasta and veal with polenta.

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