Lake Como towns and villages

The map shows only the most popular places for tourists – mostly located in the central area and on the western side of the western branch. They are all small townships with populations ranging only from a few hundred to a few thouand. Menaggio, Varenna and Bellagio are regarded as ‘must see’.

The four towns at the northern end of the lake are physically close to but culturally remote from the central area, being centres for serious watersports and mountain pursuits.

Como is by far the largest town, with a population of over eighty thousand. Lecco is included on the map because it’s also big, relative to the lakeside townships. But it’s not as important as they are for tourism, because it lies on the less popular eastern side of the lake.

To give an idea of the distances between the places on the map, the lake is about fifty kilometers long from to bottom.

For information on any of the places on the map click on the name.

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