Not only for water sports

The northern end of the Lake is an international centre for water sports, including sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing. But there are a number of other, more relaxing ways of enjoying the lake, each making a contribution to the complete impact of the holiday:

  • A room with a view

RoomView.jpgBecause the lake is long and thin, you can enjoy stunning close-ups of the lake and surrounding mountains from your hotel room or apartment. That sets the relaxed tone for the whole holiday. Because the view is so spectacular, you don’t feel that you have to rush out. You are already sightseeing from the moment you open the shutters in the morning.

  • A lakeside latte

LakesideLatte.jpgThere are lots of small towns along the length of the lake, many with waterside cafes and restaurants. Because there are so many of them, so close together, you don’t need to plan your meals and drinks or watch the clock. Relax. When you’re ready, you won’t be far from a table and chair with a view of the water. Then you can continue sightseeing over lunch or dinner.

  • Lidos

Lido.jpgThere isn’t much in the way of beachfront at Lake Como. But there are a number of lidos, consisting of sun-beds on a hard or grassy surface, around a pool or beside the lake. Some lidos are attached to hotels and therefore ‘private’. Others are open to the public. Facilities include changing and showering areas and refreshments. You can enjoy sunbathing and the view at the same time.

  • Ferries

Ferry.jpgThis is the experience that defines a holiday at Lake Como. There are a variety of ferry services with different boats, routes and schedules. But what they all have in common is a relaxing but exhilarating passage through glorious scenery. Journeys vary in length from trips covering the entire fifty kilometres of the lake to short hops across the water from one town in the mid-lake area to another.

  • Looking down on everyone else

AboveOssuccio.jpgThe lake is surrounded by high pre-alpine mountains, soaring above green, rolling foothills. Views of the lake can be enjoyed from the peaks by taking a funicular ride, or from the foothills by walking around them or taking a C10 or C20 bus ride on the winding roads that twist and turn up and down along the side of the lake.