Getting around Lake Como by bus

Bus.jpgGetting around the parts of Lake Como that attract most visitors could hardly be simpler. There is one bus service – the C10 – that runs from Como up the west side of the lake and then round the northern end, terminating at Colico on the north-east side of the lake.

Between Como and Argegno, a second bus service, the C20, takes a higher, panoramic, route than the C10, with more spectacular views. After Argengo, it turns inland to Lanzio and the Val D’Intelvi, while the C10 continues along the lakeside.

At Menaggio the C10 bus connects with the C12 for Lugano, and then carries on up and round the northern end of the lake.

The C30 runs from Como to Bellagio (through the area between the east and west branches) and the C40 from Como to Lecco.

The vehicles are new and clean, built more like coaches than buses. And the drivers do a brilliant job steering around high level bends and through narrow, traffic-filled village streets. As a result, the bus service is not just a way of getting from one place to another. It’s also a thrill ride – an attraction as well as public transport.

There are special arrangements for purchasing tickets and an established way of presenting them to the driver, described in the [post=22]