Ten things for kids to do (with and without you) on holiday at Lake Como

Lake Como is primarily a place where adults can relax, go sightseeing, walk around or take part in adventure sports on land, water and in the air. Within that framework, however, there are a number of different things your kids can do at Lake Como – mostly with you, but some on their own under expert supervision. In the case of an activity like learning to sail, parents and kids can take separate courses in the same location.

The items listed may or may not apply to your kids, depending upon age and interests. We’ve left out of the list those things that you will have to do with the kids in the normal course of events – like riding on a ferry boat or eating lots of ice cream. And we’ve also left out activities that require the whole holiday to be organised around them in advance; for example, staying on a farm and helping with the animals (Agrotourismo).

We’ve also omitted museums, because they tend to be technical and specific to the location; though older kids may just find some exhibits in, say, the Temple of Volta, that are interesting in relation to their Physics studies.

The resulting top ten activities for kids are:

  1. A ride on the funicular railway from Como up (500 metres) to Brunate.
  2. Enjoy the sun and the water on a sand or shingle beach or Lido.
  3. Learn to sail (six years and older), waterski, windsurf or kitesurf.
  4. Hire a mountain bike and ride mountain trails.
  5. Play crazy golf on the waterfront at [post=36].
  6. Watch a display of birds of prey in the remains of a castle in [post=37].
  7. Ride, or learn to ride, a horse.
  8. Challenge you round an obstacle course in the trees.
  9. There is a Park with rides near Mandello del Lario.
  10. Visit the Orrido water feature in [post=71]

After that, in the evening, you’ll probably just need DVDs, rather than Italian TV, to keep kids of all ages amused.

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