Lake Como holiday – 50 things to do

  1. Explore the historic buildings in Como’s compact old town
  2. Visit the Temple of Volta and see the first Voltaic Pile (battery)
  3. Enjoy nature’s slideshow from the deck of a ferry boat
  4. Let Como’s funicular railway take you up 500 metres – funiculi, funiculaagh!
  5. Fly over the Lake in a seaplane and land on the water for a swim if you like
  6. Visit the silk museum (Como produces almost all of Europe’s silk)
  7. Buy designer silk ties and scarves from discount outlets
  8. Make a day trip to Milan for the cathedral, shopping, art, opera or football
  9. Book three months in advance for fifteen minutes in front of Leonardo’s Last Supper
  10. Visit the historic centre of Bergamo, home of Donizetti
  11. Visit the resistance museum in [post=69] where Mussolini was captured by patriots
  12. See the spot in [post=111], where Mussolini and his mistress were executed
  13. Hire a boat and go fishing or see George Clooney’s villa from the Lake
  14. Get married and honeymoon in the most romantic of surroundings
  15. Take the C20 bus from Como to Argegno for a high level thrill ride
  16. Sunbathe and swim at a Lido or sandy beach
  17. Adapt to local culture and take a break from 1 pm to 3 pm
  18. Get a room with a view and go sightseeing by opening the blinds
  19. Be hauled up 800 metres in a cable car near [post=32]
  20. Visit nearby Lugano for smart shopping and the world’s most beautiful toilet
  21. Climb past thirteen shrines to the Abbey and Trattoria above Ossucio
  22. Eat at a prestigious restaurant on the lake’s only island – Isola Comacina
  23. Take a guided tour of the much filmed Villa del Balbianello
  24. Play a round of golf at the Menaggio and Cadenabbia or Villa D’Este club
  25. Hire equipment for sailing, wind and kitesurfing, waterskiing and wakeboarding
  26. Take sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, waterskiing or wakeboarding lessons
  27. Explore picturesque lakeside towns like [post=36], [post=33] and [post=37]
  28. Hire mountain bikes and ride trails or downhill
  29. Hire a motorboat, jetski or canoe
  30. Visit the interior and gardens of the [post=119]
  31. Enjoy a meal or a drink in the large lakeside piazzas in [post=64] or[post=63]
  32. Visit the Abbey at Piona
  33. Watch a display of falconry in a castle above [post=37]
  34. Visit [post=33] for boutique craft shops in steep narrow alleyways
  35. Visit beautifully decorated churches in [post=69], [post=70] and [post=68]
  36. Take a day trip to St Moritz, including an exciting ride on the ‘Glacier Express’
  37. Read an international newspaper at a pavement cafe in Menaggio’s lakeside piazza
  38. Take the C10 bus form Argegno to Menaggio for a ‘narrow circuit’ thrill ride
  39. Walk to San Martino church, perched halfway up the mountain side at Cadenabbia
  40. Have second thoughts about the walk and stay in the pub at the foot of the mountain
  41. Go rock climbing or canyoning
  42. Make a tandem parachute jump or paraglide with an expert
  43. Ride horses or learn how to ride if you can’t
  44. Visit Villaggio Crespi, near Bergamo, a monument to philanthropic eccentricity.
  45. Stroll along the two mile lakeside walk between [post=69] and [post=70]
  46. Visit the Orrido water feature in [post=71]
  47. Play crazy golf at [post=36]
  48. Combine a holiday at Lake Como with the Grand Prix at Monza
  49. Work your way round an obstacle course in the trees
  50. Visit unusual museums – boats, navigational instruments or Moto Guzzi