Drive the race track at Monza

Believe it or not but you can drive your own car around the circuit – not during a race of course. The official Monza website – advertises ‘Touristic General Driving’, which allows you to drive your vehicle on the track for half an hour, for €40. The site says this activity normally takes place between December and February, though it also lists days in June 2008.

If that sounds odd, there are even stranger ‘speed days’, about which the site says:

  • ‘Be a star on the track

In a world of continual evolution, where cars are ever more intelligent, only one element needs training, and that is the man at the wheel… out on the track in a leading role in wonderful surroundings, unique both for character and history; the Monza National Circuit, your ‘driving gymnasium’. The calendar offers many opportunities for any driving experience, for individuals and companies, giving a boost of adrenalin.

  • Speed Day

With your car, you can lap the Italian Grand Prix F1 Circuit in complete safety, giving free rein to your feelings, releasing the sporting spirit in your DNA… in a group and participating. Speed Day has lots of new things on offer: ten dates filled with great emotion, a staff of eight drivers ready to advise you and be near you for a rewarding driving experience, valid for everyday driving on the roads!’

The site adds that damage to the track (except crash barriers) will be charged to ‘the responsible’ and that ‘One doctor, nurses, ambulance, marshals, towing track and fire fighting squad are at disposal’.

Monza race track is 15km north-east of Milan. Use ViaMichelin or Google maps for directions.