Parachuting and paragliding at Lake Como

Tandem parachute launches take place over Bellagio. The town’s official brochure, Bellagio Dove, gives the contact names ‘Para Lario’ and Giorgio Benzi and telephone number 031.951.363, for further information on this activity and also about helicopter trips.

The same brochure refers to paragliding and hang-gliding at Cornizzolo (Civate), for which it gives as its first contact name and number ‘Gilardoni Corrado: Tel. 031.951.272’; and as its second, ‘Pierluigi Gandola: Tel. 031.952.493’.


Tandem paragliding flights (i.e. you and someone who knows what they’re doing) are provided by an organisation with the website address: The flights start from Mount Muggio,1,800 metres above Bellano.

The Cavalcalario Club, near Bellagio, also offers dual seat paragliding ‘flights’ (with an ‘able pilot’), from Mount Nuvolone, with transport between the launch site and Bellagio.