Rock climbing, canyoning and related activities at Lake Como

Climbing is possible in a number of locations in the area around Bellagio.

The Casa delle Guide di Lecco, Valsassina e Orobie is a school that lists its activities as: winter mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, ice climbing, ‘freeride’, snowshoe hiking, ski touring, trekking, travel and fixed rope routes. These are obviously technical terms for a set of specialised activities. Unfortunately, Casa delle Guide di Lecco website, doesn’t go into more detail in English.

The Cavalcalario Club in the Galasco area provides specialised canyoning expeditions, involving walking, climbing, swimming and jumping through gorges. For more information on this emerging adventure activity, see Bellagio Mountains.

On the west side of the Lake, there is a Palestra di Roccia – literally, a ‘rock climbing gym’ on a pedestrian-only road that runs beside a tunnel on the main road running north from Menaggio. The organisation to make contact with for more information on climbing is the Club Alpino Italiano, Menaggio Via F. Filzi, 31-22017 Menaggio Co (telephone and fax 0344-30312, ).