Hire of motorboats at Lake Como

Motorboats can mean anything from inflatables (rubber dinghies) to a Gran Turismo 115 horsepower boat, though you won’t actually be able to drive anything bigger than 40 hp without qualifications. And you have to be at least eighteen to hire anything.

For a 40 hp boat, rates are in the range of €75 for one hour to €140 for six hours.

Some of the motorboat bases are:

Comolakeboats, in Domaso, hires a few different models, as well as offering a J80 sailboat with skipper, and facilities for waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Blue Easy Rent, located in the Sporting Club Domaso, offers motor boat hire plus ‘private camping site, sunbathing area, dressing rooms, …bar and lounge inside the club house, large parking site, and free beaches only fifty metres far’.

Rent A Boat Newton, in Dongo, hires out two 40hp boats, without licence, and a 150hp and 330hp boat, both requiring a licence.

Cantieri A Mostes and Matteri Cantieri Nautico hire out boats from Lezzeno, on the east side of the western branch, below Bellagio.


One of the Lake’s water taxi providers, whilst not hiring out its own boats, offers transfers to locations where motorboats can be hired. See www.boatservices.it.