Waterskiing, wakeboarding and jetskiing on Lake Como

Waterskiing, wakeboarding and jetskiing are possible at Lake Como because winds such as the Breva, which are perfect for sail and kite based activities in the afternoon, drop in the morning and evening, leaving a calm, flat surface. Hire of equipment and instruction, together, can cost around €50 for half an hour, €100 for the whole hour.

Some of the centres on the Lake are:

The Jolly Racing Club Lezzeno, on the eastern side of the western branch of the Lake, below Bellagio. It supplies ‘complete equipment’ and qualified instructors for wakeboarding, wakesurfing, acqua jump and acqua tube. In addition, there’s a solarium, bar, pizzeria, restaurant and hotel, as well as excursions by canoe, mountain bike and seaplane. It caters for kids from five years old.


Comolakeboats, in Domaso offers waterskiing and wakeboarding instruction, as well as hire of J80 sailboat with skipper, and motorboats.

The Liquid Park Waterski Club, in Bellagio, specializes in training beginners and intermediate skiers, wakeboarders and barefooters. And the Centro-Sci nautico Como, based in Cernobbio, also offers classes in waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Between Bellagio and Lecco, on the Lake’s eastern branch, the Moregallo Sporting Club Nautico hires jetskis and has a school for learners.

Finally, some specialist water taxi services either provide waterskiing as an add-on or provide transfers to waterskiing locations.