Kitesurfing on Lake Como

Kitesurfing may be Lake Como’s most exciting water based activity. It’s found mainly at the northern end, where, a combination of the Breva wind and open sandy beaches produces perfect conditions. Kitesurfing centres offer both hire of equipment for own use (proof of competence required) and classes ranging from beginner to advanced level. The cost of hiring the equipment is around €50 per day and group classes, structured as a certain number of hours over a number of days, run from €200 to €300 plus.

Some of the kitesurfing centres on the Lake are:

The Tabo Surf Centre, in Gera Lario and Sorico, is an Italian Kitesurf Federation centre, hiring out boards and kites and running training courses. After an initial two hour ‘see if you like it’ lesson (€50), courses are available at basic, advanced and ‘full immersion’ levels. The centres also teach, and hire equipment for windsurfing and sailing, and rent out canoes and mountain bikes. Additional facilities include the beach, children’s playground and tennis court.

Bomboklat Kite School in Sorico offers kitesurfing courses running from basic to advanced, with ‘federal qualified instructors’. Duration and cost are not given on the website.


The Son of a Beach centre in Colico
advertises kitesurfing courses at ‘base’ and advanced level. It also appears to sell new and used kites, and advertises a lot of products. The Centre also sells windsurfing lessons and hire of equipment and guided mountain bike and canoe trips.