Windsurfing on Lake Como

Windsurfing is one of the most popular of Lake Como’s water sports, with centres in a number of locations (mostly around the northern end, because of its ‘Breva’ wind that blows in the afternoon). These centres typically hire out equipment for ‘own use’ and run group training courses, supplemented by individual tuition. Lessons are available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and they often have a class for kids too.

The cost of hiring windsurfing equipment for independent use is in the region of €30 to €40 per day (but you’ll have to provide evidence of competence). Courses are structured as a total number of hours, spread over a certain number of days. Illustrative prices are €120 for five hours over two days, €200 for ten hours and €300+ for longer courses. Private lessons cost around €40 per hour.

Some of the windsurfing centres are:

Tabo Surf hires out gear for windsurfing and also runs courses, for adults and kids. The centres also teach, and hire equipment for kitesurfing and sailing; and rent out canoes and mountain bikes. Additional facilities include the beach, children’s playground and tennis court.


‘Windsurf Center’ Domaso hires windsurfing equipment and runs basic and advanced courses for adults, plus a ‘Children’s Pirate Course’ (to introduce kids to windsurfing). Training alone, with own equipment, costs €55 per person per hour.
The Windsurfer Centre is connected with the Katsegeln centre, also in Domaso, which hires out, and runs sailing courses on, Topcat Catamarans. The organisation also hires out mountain bikes and canoes.

Son of a Beach, in Colico, hires out equipment and runs two beginner and four advanced courses, plus one children’s course. It also sells kitesurfing lessons and products and organises guided mountain bike and canoe trips.

Windsurfing, with hire of equipment, is also possible at Pare, near Bellagio.