Self sail boat hire at Lake Como

Lake Como gives visitors a unique opportunity to ‘self drive’ sail in warm weather and beautiful surroundings.

The two Tabo Surf Centres, in Gera Lario and Sorico, are a good example of this end of the sailing spectrum. They have a dozen boats for hire, both single hulls and catamarans. You don’t need a ‘licence’ to hire one, but the staff will evaluate your level of competence before letting you take a boat out. Rental charges vary according to the number of people sailing and the length of hire (hourly rates reduce on longer bookings), starting from a base level of €19 per hour, or €37 per half day. Hire of personal sailing kit costs an extra €9 per hour, or €13 per day.

The Tabo centres also run sailing courses for beginners and those wanting to get better; teach, and hire equipment for, wind-surfing and kitesurfing, and rent out canoes and mountain bikes. Additional facilities include the beach, children’s playground and tennis court.

The Katsegeln centre in Domaso rents out Topcat K1 and K2 catamarans to those with a WDVS catamaran sailing licence. To illustrate cost, the charge for hiring a K1 is €37 for an hour; €87 for half a day – lifejackets and trapeze extra. The centre also runs sailing courses.

The Katsegeln centre is a part of the Windsurf Centre, also in Domaso, which offers windsurfing lessons and equipment hire, and rents out canoes and mountain bikes.